Gold Price in Bangladesh Today

Are you want to know the latest gold price in Bangladesh Today 2022? Today we will let you know the latest gold price in Bangladesh today per vori as per the jewelers association. what is the price of gold today, the 22 carat gold price in Bangladesh per vori, the last update of 1 vori 22K gold price in Bangladesh 2022.

Gold is one of the most expensive and desirable things in the world. Like all countries in the world, there is interest in the gold price in bd. Just as everyone is watching when the stock market price is fluctuating, everyone is watching when the price of gold has gone up and when it is going down.

We are experiencing an increase and decrease in Gold price this year 2022 in Bangladesh. According to various media reports, BD Govt has changed gold price more than 23 times from January 2020 to February 2022.

According to the latest data of the Bangladesh jewelers association, They have increased gold price in Bangladesh 1,867 Taka in the bd market.

Gold Price in Bangladesh Today 2022

Gold occupies a significant position among the world’s precious objects. Gold has maintained its own brilliance with its beauty and other attributes since the beginning of time. Perhaps this is why, since ancient times, individuals have used gold to enhance their beauty.

It is likely that more gold is used at the time of marriage in all countries of the world. Gold is also utilized to communicate love for certain festivals or persons you care about. We’re interested in knowing the current price of gold in Bangladesh because of its soaring popularity.

Friends, the Bangladesh Jewelry Association, or Bajus, determines the price of gold in Bangladesh. Friends, the price we’ll present you here is the price set by the Bangladesh Jewellery Association as a whole! Friends, I’ve gone through in great detail how much your 22 carat, 21 carat, and 18 carat vintage jewelry gold is worth per gram, as well as how many kilos are in five gram and 10 grams! What is the current gold price in Bangladesh today?

22 Carat Gold Price in Bangladesh Today

As per the latest update on February 12, 2022, the price of 22 carat gold price in Bangladesh today is BDT 75,000. Apart from this, the 21 carat gold price per vori has been fixed at BDT 71,675, 18-carat gold at Rs 61,819, and the traditional gold ornaments at BDT 51,205.

On August 6, 2020, the gold price in Bangladesh per vori was 77, 216 Taka, which is the highest price of gold in the history of the country. The jewelers’ association had last reduced the gold price to BDT 71,967 on August 22, 2021.

22 CARAT GOLD 75,000 TK
21 CARAT GOLD 71,675 TK
18 CARAT GOLD 61819 TK

The 22K gold is often utilized in the production of everyday jewelry. 22K denotes that 22 percent of the metal is gold, with the remaining two percent consisting of additional metals that make gold’s texture tougher and hence make it more durable. Only 91.67 percent of 22K gold is pure gold. Metals such as silver, zinc, nickel, and other alloys make up the remaining 8.33%. Although 22K gold is utilized to manufacture plain gold jewelry, it is not the best choice for heavy studded gold jewelry.

It’s because diamonds and other precious gemstones have specific weights, however 22 carat gold is softer than these stones and hence incapable of securely keeping them throughout daily wear. This type of gold is commonly seen in wedding jewelry and other items that are worn on a regular basis.

The 22-carat gold is widely utilized in the creation of jewelry. 22 Carat gold is durable and sturdy because it is made up of 92 percent gold and 8% other metal alloys such as silver, zinc, nickel, and other metal alloys.

Bangladesh Jewelers Association

The Bangladesh Jewelry Association (BAJUS) has started its journey in 1913. It is a non-political, non-profit and service business organization. Bangladesh Gold Association is continuing its activities to expand the country’s gold industry and economic liberation.

The national mosque of Bangladesh is the head office of Bangladesh jewelers association at Baitul Mokarram Market. Bajus has district committees in each district. At present, the Bangladesh Jewelers Association has about 18,000 members.

Why does the price of gold go up or down?

Considering the international market, the country’s market and the consumer general, the Bangladesh Gold Association fixes the price of gold in the country’s market.

Indeed, we are all aware that the price of gold fluctuates from time to time. The Bangladesh Jewellers Association is in charge of overseeing the price reduction of this gold price. We have addressed such topics as the price of gold, what is the gold price today, the 22 carat gold price, and the most recent update on the gold price in Bangladesh 2022, according to the Bangladesh Jewellers Association.

If you buy gold regularly, you know how important is to know the latest update of gold price in Bangladesh today. You can bookmark this page on your browser to get future updates of gold price.

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