AC Price in Bangladesh

AC Price in Bangladesh 2022. Everyday life is becoming unbearable in the heat. AC wants to bring it home to get rid of it. But many people are worried about which AC to buy, the price in Bangladesh, or how to buy it. Let’s know about 1, 1,5, 2 ton AC price in BD of different brands and its facilities.

Enjoy secure online shopping for the Best AC Price in Bangladesh at JotoDeal. Here you can discover the best prices on 0.5 ton, 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, and 4 ton Air Conditioner Price In Bangladesh 2022 from leading manufacturers. Since Bangladesh is one of the few countries to experience all four seasons, from the icy cold of winter to the blistering heat of summer, the country is unique. The summer season lasts longer and exposes us to sometimes excruciating heat. Thankfully, Bangladesh now has home appliances that can combat the heat.

Fans have existed for centuries and have, for the most part, performed their role admirably. However, certain conditions necessitate something more, and thus the air cooler concept was born. However, this habit decreased as air conditioners rose to prominence. We offer a broad selection of the most affordable air conditioners from the brands listed below.

AC Price in Bangladesh 2022

The customer’s needs are expanding, but they desire AC that is as compact as feasible. Consequently, portable AC is in high demand. These air conditioners are portable and tiny enough to fit in rooms of any size. They are effective enough to chill an average-sized room. In the past, Window Air Conditioners were extremely popular, however, they have since become obsolete. The difference between a Window AC and a Split AC is that the former is a whole unit, while the latter is divided into interior and outdoor sections. Split air conditioners are popular because of their effective cooling and low energy usage. Additionally, they are simple to install.

When you want to maintain the aesthetics of your space and go for a minimalist style, you can choose ceiling air conditioning. The most recent air conditioners are inverter air conditioners, which are more energy-efficient and durable. You may get savings on 0.5 ton, 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, and 4-ton ac prices in Bangladesh, whether you’re looking for the cheapest 1-ton ac price or 1.5-ton ac price in BD.

ACPrice In Bangladesh
Midea 1.5 Ton MSA-18CR Non-Inverter Split Type AC৳ 33,400 BDT
Carrier 1.5 Ton CSk18 18000 BTU Split AC৳ 38,000 BDT
Chigo 1.5 Ton 18000 BTU Split Type AC৳ 34,999 BDT
Sharp 1.0 Ton AH-A12PEV Split Type AC৳ 38,000 BDT
Vision 1.0 Ton AXH Split Type AC৳ 32,500 BDT

Singer AC Price

The singer has three kinds of air conditioners for the home market: the standard, the inverter, and the semi-commercial series. There are one-ton, one-and-a-half-ton, and two-ton ACs that meet the standard. The price of AC in BD is between BDT 39,990 and BDT 69,990. In the inverter series, there are three models with capacities of 1 ton, 1.5 tons, and two tons. Prices range from BDT 43,903 to BDT 78,251. All Singer ACs come with a three-year warranty and are easy to set up for free.

Transtec AC Price

Transcom Digital sells Transtec AC. Transtech’s 1 ton AC costs BDT 38,824 after a BDT 3,376 reduction. A 1.5-ton and 2-ton AC price 71,500 and 55,500 Taka, respectively. 27 banks’ credit cards can buy Transtech AC. You can buy in 6 to 36-month installments. Six-month installments have no interest. Transcom Digital also sells Warlpul, Panasonic, and Hitachi ACs.

Walton AC Price

The Walton is now quite a popular AC brand in Bangladesh. Walton AC is easy to bring into the room between the means and the means. Walton has a wide range of energy-efficient one-, one-and-a-half-, and two-ton split AC models in the Inverna, Oceana’s, Crystalline, Diamond, and Riverine lines.

A non-inverter one-ton AC from Walton starts at BDT 41,900, and an inverter AC starts at BDT 46,800. The price for 1.5 tonnes of non-inverter AC starts at 54,900 Taka and inverter AC starts at 63,500 Taka in BD. Prices start at Rs 69,900 for a two-tonne AC that doesn’t have an inverter and BDT 80,200 for one with an inverter.

Samsung AC Price

Samsung has launched the inverter AC with a 10-year compressor warranty in Bangladesh. These ACs will save up to 68 percent power. There are also special discounts on Samsung showrooms and online shops. The digital inverter ACs are available between BDT 66,900 and BDT 1,05,900. Non-inverter ACs are available between BDT 56,900 and BDT 86,900. There is a replacement warranty of 10 years in a digital inverter compressor and five years in a non-inverter compressor.

LG AC Price

LG has come up with the latest technology inverter AC in Bangladesh. Inverter ACs are mainly power-efficient. A ton of LG’s AC Price in Bangladesh starts from BDT 62,800. One tonne of inverters costs BDT 70,500, one-and-a-half tonnes is BDT 88,000, and two tonnes of AC cost BDT 99,900. The AC of LG Dual Inverter technology is up to 70 percent power-efficient. Apart from this, ACs have wi-fi and mosquito repellent system as a special advantage. The ACS has a one-year contract and service warranty with a 10-year warranty for the compressor. LG is also offering the facility of buying in installments for buyers.

Inverter AC Price in Bangladesh

An inverter is a type of air conditioner that, once turned on, controls the cooling without turning off and on. The cooling system turns on based on the weather and temperature of the room. At the moment, almost all AC inverters are made with AC technology. This is because AC inverters use much less power than AC inverters. Almost every company in Bangladesh now sells inverter AC, including General, Walton, Gree, Chigo, Media, and Hitachi Company. There are different price for inverter ACs in Bangladesh. Prices for these have begun at 30,000.

Conclusions: We have tried to discuss the best AC price in Bangladesh. I Hope, You have found the best AC price with information.

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