Flat For Sale in Dhaka

Are you looking for a flat for sale in Dhaka information? People do a search about new or used flat for sale in Uttara, Dhanmondi, Bashundhara. These 3 areas are very popular in Dhaka city nowadays. Many flat buying and for sale websites have been developed online. Just as it has opened up new horizons of real estate business.

It has also increased the civic benefits of the common man to a great extent. As a result, on the one hand, real estate traders are getting the added benefit of a flat for sale in Dhaka while sitting in the office. On the other hand, customers can sit at home and see their dream flat online.

Around 80% of people in the developed world find their flats online. Despite the fact that Dhaka population, practically everyone has acquired a habit of searching online about flat for sale before purchasing a flat. When someone decides to buy a flat, they first search the internet about flat for sale in Dhaka and other information. They were able to make it to the agent in this manner. Although there are numerous real estate websites where you may purchase and sell flats, you must go to the proper one.

If you want to sell flats very quickly, you need to find some websites where flats can be sold quickly. Suppose you have a flat in Dhanmondi that you want to sell. Then you can go to the BProparty website and list your flat at Flat for Sale in Dhanmondi section. You will see interested customers contacting you.

BD Housing Flat Sale in Dhaka

If you want to buy a flat for permanent living, BD Housing will be useful to you. If you want to rent a flat for a temporary period of time, this website will be very helpful. You can also sale or rent a flat through this website. BD Housing is a suitable platform not only for flats but also for buying and selling any kind of property. Here you can advertise the property sale for free.


In the pBazar, anyone can sale flat, as well as buy it. It is basically an online real estate marketplace where not only people in the country but also people living abroad can buy and sell flats. The brief benefits of PBazaar are:

Creating connectivity between flat buyers, sellers, owners, and agents. Providing professional real estate emergency services across the country in a phased manner including Dhaka. Real estate agencies and providing buy-and-sell facilities among developers. Creating and coordinating communication between the owners and tenants. The advantage of using various free tools for the benefit of the buyer and seller.


BProperty is one of the properties solutions flatform for buyers and sellers in Bangladesh. All property services including plots and flat for sale in Dhaka is available in this platform. Here you will find all the services for searching, renting, and buying your dream flat in dhaka..

Dhaka Flats

Dhaka Flats is an online portal for buying, selling flat in Uttara, Dhanmondi, Basundhora. On this website, you can open an account for free and create ads for the sale or rental of your property. And as a buyer, you can browse here to buy or rent the preferred flat. One of the major advantages of Dhaka Flats is that it is divided into different areas or zones of Dhaka. So, if you want to buy a flat in the area, just by clicking on the name of that area. You can know about all the flats there and you can buy them.

How to Find ‘Flat For Sale in Dhaka’ online?

Dhanmondi, Uttara, Bashundhara are some of the most attractive places to live in Dhaka. The price of flats in these areas is relatively high. Still, these three places remain on top as a place for people to buy flats.

Search for Flat for Sale Dhanmondi or Uttara or Bashundhara on the above websites. If you search with this keyword in Google, you will see the information of your desired area flat in front of the result.

Where to Find Used Flat For Sale in Dhaka?

Bikroy.com is the best platform to find used flat for sale in Dhaka. Also, you can search on bProperty. They offer various services to buy used flats.

Conclusion: I hope this flat for sale in Dhaka article will help you to find the best flats in Dhaka city.

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