Sehri and Iftar Time Today 2022

Are you looking for today Sehri and Iftar schedule 2022? We have prepared the schedule of Iftar and last time of Sehri for you. Here you will find the last time of today Sehri in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Barisal, Khulna, Comilla cities published by The Islamic Foundation and iftar time today 2022.

The holy month of Ramadan depends on the sighting of the moon. Islamic Foundation Bangladesh authorities set up committees for moon sightings, preparing a schedule for Sehri and Iftar. The holy month of Ramadan is a month of strict prayer for Muslims. Where people refrain from sin by giving up eating and drinking and bad habits during the day.

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According to the Islamic calendar, the month of Ramadan is the most auspicious month of Islam in the whole world. It is considered as the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and occurs at the end of the month of Shaban. The fast will begin with Tarabi prayers on April 2, 2022, and sehri and iftar on April 03, 2022.

Sehri and Iftar Time Today 2022

Today, April 3, the last time of sehri of the first ramadan is 4:27 am and iftar time is 6:19 pm.

Sehri4:27 AM
Iftar6:19 PM

Sehri Iftar Time Today 2022 in Dhaka

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Islami Foundation Bangladesh has published the today sehri and Iftar time 2022 of Dhaka district. There will be more or less sehri and iftar in different districts of the country. We will mention it for your convenience.

13-Apr-2204:27 am06:19 pm
24-Apr-2204:26 am06:19 pm
35-Apr-2204:24 am06:20 pm
46-Apr-2204:24 am06:20 pm
57-Apr-2204:23 am06:21 pm
68-Apr-2204:22 am06:21 pm
79-Apr-2204:21 am06:21 pm
810-Apr-2204:20 am06:22 pm
911-Apr-2204:19 am06:22 pm
1012-Apr-2204:18 am06:23 pm
1113-Apr-2204:17 am06:23 pm
1214-Apr-2204:15 am06:23 pm
1315-Apr-2204:14 am06:24 pm
1416-Apr-2204:13 am06:24 pm
1517-Apr-2204:12 am06:24 pm
1618-Apr-2204:11 am06:25 pm
1719-Apr-2204:10 am06:25 pm
1820-Apr-2204:09 am06:26 pm
1921-Apr-2204:08 am06:26 pm
2022-Apr-2204:07 am06:27 pm
2123-Apr-2204:06 am06:27 pm
2224-Apr-2204:05 am06:28 pm
2325-Apr-2204:05 am06:28 pm
2426-Apr-2204:04 am06:29 pm
2527-Apr-2204:03 am06:29 pm
2628-Apr-2204:02 am06:29 pm
2729-Apr-2204:01 am06:30 pm
2830-May-2204:00 am06:30 pm
291-May-2203:59 am06:31 pm
302-May-2203:58 am06:31 pm

Today Sehri Iftar Time Today 2022 in Chittagong

According to the rules of Islami Foundation Bangladesh, the time of Sehri and Iftar in Chittagong today will be 5 minutes less than dhaka.

13-Apr-224:28 AM6:10 PM
24-Apr-224:27 AM6:10 PM
35-Apr-224:26 AM6:10 PM
46-Apr-224:25 AM6:11 PM
57-Apr-224:24 AM6:11 PM
68-Apr-224:22 AM6:11 PM
79-Apr-224:21 AM6:12 PM
810-Apr-224:20 AM6:12 PM
911-Apr-224:19 AM6:12 PM
1012-Apr-224:18 AM6:13 PM
1113-Apr-224:17 AM6:13 PM
1214-Apr-224:16 AM6:14 PM
1315-Apr-224:15 AM6:14 PM
1416-Apr-224:14 AM6:14 PM
1517-Apr-224:13 AM6:15 PM
1618-Apr-224:12 AM6:15 PM
1719-Apr-224:11 AM6:15 PM
1820-Apr-224:10 AM6:16 PM
1921-Apr-224:10 AM6:16 PM
2022-Apr-224:09 AM6:17 PM
2123-Apr-224:08 AM6:17 PM
2224-Apr-224:07 AM6:17 PM
2325-Apr-224:06 AM6:18 PM
2426-Apr-224:05 AM6:18 PM
2527-Apr-224:04 AM6:19 PM
2628-Apr-224:03 AM6:19 PM
2729-Apr-224:02 AM6:19 PM
2830-Apr-224:01 AM6:20 PM
291-May-224:00 AM6:21 PM
302-May-223:59 AM6:21 PM

Iftar and Sehri Time in Shyllet Today

Sylhet sehri and iftar time today should be 6 minutes later than Dhaka time, according to Islami Foundation Bangladesh’s guidelines.

13-Apr-224:25 AM6:11 PM
24-Apr-224:23 AM6:11 PM
35-Apr-224:22 AM6:11 PM
46-Apr-224:21 AM6:12 PM
57-Apr-224:20 AM6:12 PM
68-Apr-224:19 AM6:13 PM
79-Apr-224:18 AM6:13 PM
810-Apr-224:17 AM6:14 PM
911-Apr-224:16 AM6:14 PM
1012-Apr-224:14 AM6:14 PM
1113-Apr-224:13 AM6:15 PM
1214-Apr-224:12 AM6:15 PM
1315-Apr-224:11 AM6:16 PM
1416-Apr-224:10 AM6:16 PM
1517-Apr-224:09 AM6:17 PM
1618-Apr-224:08 AM6:17 PM
1719-Apr-224:07 AM6:18 PM
1820-Apr-224:06 AM6:18 PM
1921-Apr-224:05 AM6:19 PM
2022-Apr-224:04 AM6:19 PM
2123-Apr-224:03 AM6:19 PM
2224-Apr-224:02 AM6:20 PM
2325-Apr-224:01 AM6:20 PM
2426-Apr-224:00 AM6:21 PM
2527-Apr-223:59 AM6:21 PM
2628-Apr-223:58 AM6:22 PM
2729-Apr-223:57 AM6:22 PM
2830-Apr-223:56 AM6:23 PM
291-May-223:55 AM6:23 PM
302-May-223:54 AM6:24 PM

When is the sehri last time today? Today, 03rd April 2022, the last time of Sehri is 4:27 pm.
When is today iftar time? Iftar time in Dhaka today is 03 April 2022 at 6:19 pm.

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