Biman Bangladesh Airlines Dubai to Dhaka Ticket Price

If you are planning to make a journey from Dubai to Bangladesh then you need to know many things before you make a decision. There are many flight options for you but here we will talk all about Biman Bangladesh Airlines Dubai to Dhaka flight, its ticket price, and other important info. This article is going to be an inescapable one for you because, without knowing them, You will not be able to get a popper idea about Biman Bangladesh Airlines Service and Dubai to Dhaka flight tips.

Dubai to Dhaka Flight Information

Before you do anything related to your Dubai Dhaka tour, you have to think about the flight schedule. In normal time, You have to select a day before you go for a ticket. Biman Bangladesh Airlines only has three flights every week from Dubai International Airport to Shah Jalal International Airport Dhaka. These days are Wed/Thu/Sun. So, you have to plan your trip on these days. On these days, flights depart from the airport at 00.05 AM. If you take any one of these flights then you will reach Dhaka around 07.00 AM.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Dubai to Dhaka Route

The route is very important when you think of a flight. Though it has no fixed road for air way, it follows a specific direction to move from one airport to another. As we are talking about the Dubai to Dhaka flight by Biman Bangladesh Airlines, we are going to know about the route of this flight. After taking off from the Dubai International  Airport, the flight starts going east. It crosses some parts of Pakistan and goes through the whole of India over Delhi. This is the actual route of Biman Bangladesh Airlines to reach Dhaka from Dubai. There is another route to go there but Biman Bangladesh Airlines does not follow that. That route is over the Arabian Sea and Kolkata.

Dubai to Dhaka Ticket Price

According to the new ticket price, the price of Biman Bangladesh Airlines Dubai to Dhaka varies based on many things. Here is a short description of that.

Economy Class Ticket Price

If you want to make a normal tour then you have to take the Economy Class seat. This will cost only 515$ or 43000 BDT or 1900 AED per adult person. If you have a child with you who is under 12 then you have to pay for him only 75% of an adult person. But if the age of that baby is under 2 then the authority will take only 25% of the above price. In this class, Free Baggage Allowance (FBA) is 20 kg. That means you will be allowed to carry 20KG baggage with you completely free.

Business Class

This is for luxurious travel. If you want to make your Dubai to Dhaka tour more interesting then this is for you. This is a kind of VIP travel seat. In this seat, the Dubai to Dhaka ticket price will be about 815$ or 65000 BDT or 2900 AED. For the child, the above 75% and 25% rule will be applicable. In this option, you will be able to carry about 30 kg as FBA.

NB: The price we provide here is average. This may differ based on date, time, place of ticket purchase, and some other things.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Dubai Office

As you are planning to reach Dhaka from Dubai via Biman Bangladesh Airlines, you need to know about the Dubai office of this airlines corporation. There may be many reasons to know their location and contact number. This part of this article is going to inform you about that.

The Regional Manager of Biman Bangladesh Airlines in Dubai is Mohammad Shamsul Kari. His office location is Al Masraf Tower, Al Baniyas Road, Suite #1605(16th floor), P.O Box-1515, Dubai, UAE. You may mail him for any need. The mails of his office are:

The full details about the office and contact number are on this website.  You may visit this in any of your needs.

Ticket Booking From Online

There are many ways to book air tickets from Dubai to Dhaka. As you are thinking about Biman Bangladesh Airlines, then I will suggest you go to the booking office and book tickets from them. Because sometimes online ticket booking has some problems with payment. The address of the ticket-buying counter of Biman Bangladesh Airlines is Emirates Group Office, Near Clock Tower, Deira, Dubai, UAE. Their telephone number is 04-2032029.

Buy Ticket From Online

For online ticket buying, you go to the official website of Biman Bangladesh Airlines and make your travel plan and then book your place. The website link is

The travel agencies are a good source of collecting tickets for your tour. Sometimes they offer special discount in their ticket. You can also buy tickets from them easily. But don’t make any wrong choice while selecting the travel agency.


We always want a safe journey for you. As you are planning to go to Dhaka, then try to make a perfect plan for your visit. Perfect and proper planning can make that journey more enjoyable. For any need, try to contact the office of your airlines. I hope you get all the information you need to make a journey from Dubai to Dhaka. Thanks for reading

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