Coworking Office Space in Dhaka

Coworking Office Space in Dhaka, Cost, and Facilities. There are more than 15 coworking office spaces in Gulshan, Banani, Dhanmondi, Mirpur, Badda. we will describe here co-working office facilities, rent, subscription. A Startup needs space for work. However, it is a matter of cost to run office activities on a large scale. In such a problem, many people look for a place to work on a small scale. Co-Working office space will reduce your cost, The facility of treating someone else’s office as your own office is called co-working office space. It’s like finding an address of your own in someone else’s office.

Coworking space is not new in Bangladesh but very few people are using this. Many freelancers are looking to set up their workplace in a co-working office. That’s why some company has started co-working space in Dhaka City.

Coworking Space in Dhaka

This coworking space has become very popular in the country for some time now. Co-working spaces have been introduced in both public and private initiatives in the country. But the private companies have taken first. The government of Bangladesh has launched The co-working space recently.

Even in Dhaka, few co-working office spaces are continuing their service in Dhanmondi, Banani, Gulshan, Badda, Uttara since 2013. But a large number of people don’t know about them. we will discuss them in detail.


Moar is one of the coworking office spaces in the Dhanmondi, Banani, and Tejgaon regions of the capital Dhaka. Interestingly, a member can use any branch as per his/her needs. They started the first branch in Banani in 2015. Nabeela Naurin, one of the two directors of Moar Dhanmondi branch and tejgaon branches started in 2019 and in February 2021.

In the context of “Co-working office space”, we are the only institution that has been able to launch multiple branches. Dhanmondi branch size is 4,000 square feet, and Gulshan is 3,300 square feet. Nabila Nowrin Said.

Membership Plan

There are three types of membership of ‘Moar’. The 40-hour package costs BDT 2,000 a month. As long as the door of the junction is open, a member can use it for 40 hours at any time of the month in any branch. In addition, customers have to pay BDT 50 per hour if required more than the stipulated time.

The 120-hour package for three members is BDT 5,000 a month. However, another member cannot use the time allotted to one member. If you don’t use it for a full 120 hours in a month, it doesn’t have a chance to add up next month.

There are also locker facilities. Tea and breakfast. And there’s an internet connection.

To take an office room for yourself, you have to sign up with Mor for six months. The cost will be BDT 50,000 per month.

Hub Dhaka

The journey of coworking space in the country started with ‘Habdhaka’. Mirpur is its only branch in Section 11 of the seven. There are two types of membership of ‘Hubdhaka’, ‘Basic’ and ‘Premium’.

You can sit in Habdhaka from Saturday to Thursday in the basic membership. The place to sit will be shared with other members. The space is not air-conditioned. The members will be given tea or coffee only once a day. Also, members are not getting any locker facility. And to use the meeting room, you have to pay the rent.

Premium membership can also be sat on Saturday to Thursday. But now you have a specific seating area that no one has to share with. The room will be air-conditioned. Meeting rooms can be used for two hours every month for free. Tea or coffee is as much as you want. The locker system is also free.

Vista Co Working Space

They have branches in Mirpur DOHS and Niketan. Vista Co-working offers a variety of benefits like ‘Open Desk’, ‘Shared Space’, ‘Dedicated Room’, Conference/Meeting Room, Virtual Package, etc. There are differences in cost from place to place. For example, an office room of Mirpur DOHS has to be divided by multiple persons and counted at Tk. 350 per hour. The same facility will again be available at the Niketan branch at BDT 250.

Therefore, you will find a way to contact the organization directly on their Facebook page or website about what suits your needs.


CoSpace started its operation at Kamal Ataturk Avenue in Banani. The 6,200-square-feet office has a capacity of 150 people. At present, 17 startups are reportedly working here, most of them foreign companies. Fahad ibn Wahab, the founder of the organization, said, “Our journey has just begun. I’m getting a good response.” He said, there is still no policy on co-working space in Bangladesh. No guidelines. It needs to be there.”

He added that software manufacturers, freelancers, fashion designers, foreign companies who have one or two employees in this domestic office are mainly attractive to them.

Where is CoSpace Office? Level 4, 34, Awal Center, Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Banani C/A, Dhaka.

JMC Shared Office

You have to rent a room directly at the JMC Shared Office. The rent for a 65 sq ft room is BDT 50,000 a month. There will be two desks, two chairs, an ‘air cooler’, LAN and WiFi.

The rent for the 119 sq ft office room is BDT 1 lakh per month. There will be four desks, four chairs, ‘air coolers’, LAN and WiFi.

The rent for a 42 sq ft office room with the same facility is BDT 40,000 per month. The company has only one branch, and it is in Banani.

Where is JMC Shared Office? South Breeze Center, 9th Floor, House: 5, Road: 11, Block G, Banani, Dhaka.

ICT Tower

The government itself has such initiatives. Under the Idea scheme of the Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), there is an initiative called Startup Bangladesh. It is located at ICT tower in Agargaon in the capital. There are 53 seats. IT-based startups can apply for seats here.

The committee concerned verified the application and recommended giving seats for the eligible applicant. Usually, space is allotted here for six months. If someone needs more time, the administration will check their application — whether they need more time at all. They will extend the time if necessary.

According to sources, as many as 50 seats are now full here. Startups are given space here on the basis of applications from time to time. It is mainly given office space till the incubation status of an organization.

Janata Tower

More than 100 startups are working at Janata Tower Software Technology Park in karwan Bazar in Dhaka. Winners of various startup competitions are given the opportunity to work here as gifts. There are 50 startups working at Sheikh Hasina Software Technology Park in Jessore.

Bangabandhu High Tech Park authority has started in Rajshahi last February. The park has a sheikh kamal IT incubation and training centre. There is a floor allotted only for startups. Minister of State Junaid Ahmed Palak said that 4-5 institutions have already started functioning.

In addition, many such companies have started over different parts of Dhaka. For example, ‘Locus’, ‘Co+Lab’, ‘Ink Studio’, ‘Workstation 101’, ‘Madhub’, ‘Cospace Dhaka’, ‘Banik’ etc.

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