Yoga Mat Price In Bangladesh

Yoga Mat Price in Bangladesh 2022. Perhaps, you are not an exercise lover but it is high time you should change your mind about beginning yoga practice. In this case, the first essential item you need to purchase is a suitable yoga mat. If the issue is making you concerned about where you can find the best ones. Then we are here to provide the list of the Best yoga mat price in Bangladesh you can buy.

A yoga mat is considered a mate which you can use for yoga or other free hand exercises. The material of a yoga mat can be anything but how will you select the best one for you? That is a big question. Here we are providing you with some useful details about various yoga mats that ensure cheap price, grip, thickness, length, color, weight, and sustainability from different brands.

Yoga Mat Price in BD

Multi-color Yoga Mat – Large

Product description and quality: Uni soft yoga and exercise mat are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). For this reason, it lets you use it for a long time. This mat price in Bangladesh is 890 Taka. Reviewers have given 5 out of 5 ratings to this mate. You will also receive a carrying bag with this mat if you buy from them. So you can hold up the mat easily. They are now available in black, ash, red, purple, blue, and green colors.

 Key Features:

  • The mat is about 74inch long and 26inch wide.
  • Made with  PVC material
  • Smooth surface obtainable
  • The mat is not slippery at all

You can buy Yoga and Exercise Mat from Daraz

Yoga and Exercise Mat- Multicolour

Product description and quality: If you do exercise without any proper equipment then it will likely have some opposite impact on your health. And to stay safe and sound, you can not deny the necessity of having a yoga mat. This multicolored mat can turn your boring exercise period into an enjoyable one. The rating of the mat is 4.8. The price of this mat at Daraz is 3750 Taka.

Key features:

  • It is a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material based mat.
  • It has integrated with  Self- strapping system
  • The length of the inches 68 inches and the width 24 inches
  • According to reviewers, it is a long-lasting product.

Gym Exercise Yoga Mat

Product Description and quality: This mat is popular for its 6 mm thickness quality. The price of the mat in BD is 475 BDT. The rating of this product is 4.5 in Daraz. According to the rating, you can consider it as a good yoga mat for you. The mat is polyvinyl chloride (PVC) free, so it is not harmful to your health. The length of the mate is 68 inches and its width is 24 inches. The mat is made by a renowned China company named “EVA”.

Key features:

  • The mat is  Latex-free
  • It contains Anti sip properties
  • It’s Sanitizable
  • Smooth
  • Can use for pilates, core exercise and meditation too

Yoga and exercise Mat


Product description and quality: If you are worried about buying the best yoga mat for you, then this particular mat delivers perfect usability. The price of this mat is 499 BDT. The mat is long enough to manage your height because the height of the mat is 5.10 inches. The rating of this product is 4.4.

The only drawback of the mat is some reviews said they find a hole in the mat after delivery. We recommend you to check it carefully when you finally decide to buy it. Yet again if it does not match exactly as displayed, no worries, you can return it to its seller. You can only enjoy an easy return policy if you buy it from Daraz.

Key features:

  • The mat is not slippery
  • They will give a carrying strap with the mat
  • Length 72-inch width 24 inch
  • Well Polished
  • Balanced

Purple Yoga Mat – 6 mm

Product Description and quality: Yoga mat TPE is an artificial mat, which is very exercise-friendly for random use. The length of the mat is 72 inches and the width is 24 inches. The thickness measurement is 6 mm. The rating of the mat is 4.3 and this will cost you 575 BDT. You can also purchase this product from Daraz with the 14-day easy return policy.

Key features:

  • 72″ by 24″ dimension included
  • Eco-friendly mat
  • Washable mat
  • Created from virgin materials
  • Portable system obtainable

Eco-friendly Yoga mat – Blue

Product Description and quality: All the time this is not about money. The quality of the mat is superb and its price is less expensive compared to other mats. You can buy this mat for 650 BDT. The review rating score is 4.3 out of 5. The length of the mat is 72 inches and the width of the mat is 24 inches. This mat is available in four colors, which are blue, purple, pink, and orange.

Key features :

  • Easy to wash
  • Thickness is 6mm
  • This mat provides stability
  • It has decent cushioning
  • Contains a Smooth surface

8mm Yoga Mat

Product description and quality: The mat is not only for yoga but also you can use this mat for multiple form exercises. The rating score of this mat is 4.8, which is good social proof to buy their product. The mat is 72 inches long and 24 inches wide. The thickness of the mat is half an inch. The price in BD is 1350 Taka.

Features :

  • Human body friendly
  • Obtained with Moisture resistant technology
  • Light in weight
  • Mat’s Material is rubber

Blue 8mm Yoga mat

Product Description and quality:

Yoga Mat Price in Bangladesh is 1250 Taka. Moreover, Daraz offers a 7 days return policy with the mat. The review score of the product is 4.4 out of 5. So If you are looking for a budget-friendly mat with a good rating and quality you can grab it.

Features :

  • Easy to manage
  • 6 ft long
  • Surface is non-slippery
  • Made with Silk material


Product Description and quality: This product was launched by Decathlon in Bangladesh. If you are looking to buy a yoga mat from a trusted brand in Bangladesh, you can definitely buy from them. You all expect that the price could be much more expensive if it is a branded product.  But this is now much cheaper, its price in BD is only 2799 Taka. The length of the mat is 72 inches and its width is 24 inches. You can also enjoy a one-year warranty.


  • It is a High-intensity mat
  • Leather material product
  • Easy washable system
  • Soft strap included

RFL Best Buy Yoga Mat

Product description and quality: If you are looking to buy a Bangladeshi local Yoga mat, then you can pick Best Buy Yoga Mat. RFL Bangladesh produces this quality mat. The price of the mat is 700 BDT. However, RFL did not give additional information about their mat. But if you have good brand tolerance about their products you can buy from them.


  • Thickness 5mm and 6mm
  • Multicolour available
  • Smooth surface
  • Different length of mat is available
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