Best Health Insurance Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Best Health Insurance Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Health insurance is essential in the case of your sudden illness in UAE. To balance the cost of medical expenses, health insurance has no alternative. If you are looking to find out about the top health insurance companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, then we are here to help you out.

Sickness is a common issue for human beings. Suppose you are very sick but do not have enough money to bear the cost. Good medical insurance can help you at that moment. Taking a risk on life is not an intelligent solution.

So, ignoring all types of uncertainty, grabbing suitable health insurance without delay is a smart choice. If you’re looking for a list of the top ten health insurance plans, look no further. IN Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there are plenty. We are here to inform you about the best Insurance Companies in UAE.

Union Insurance Company

Union insurance is one of the best medical insurance companies in the UAE. The company started its journey in Dubai in 1998. The company has taken its incense from the Arab Emirates insurance authority, so if you are planning to purchase insurance from them, they will be trustworthy. Moreover, if you can pay at least 572 AED, then you can grab the cheapest health insurance for you.

Insurance plans

For individuals

  • Sanad: The specialty of the plan is that a person who has a visa in Dubai can take minimal medical services as per the Dubai health authority rules. After submitting the all-important documents, a person can purchase health insurance from the company in Dubai.
  • Essential benefit plan (EBP): This medical insurance is for lower-income individuals who earn less than 4,000 AED, but if they have a visa from Dubai, then they definitely take the facility of health insurance.

For corporate

  • Small and medium enterprise: This plan will apply in the situation where one of the employees of a company has become sick and there is a possibility that the other employees of the company will also be affected. In this case, the enterprise can grab this health insurance plan.
  • Corporate plans: This health insurance plan is for the employees of a  big company and organization.
  • Essential benefit plan (EBP): This plan detail is like the individual plan. Only lower employees of an organization that is situated in Dubai can take the advantage of this EBP health insurance.

Service and facilities

  • Reviewing the prescribed medicine
  • Provide  Anesthetists services
  • Give the facility of  Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, and  Tomography
  • Do not provide any non-medical service
  • 24*7 service

Check the website here: Union Insurance Company

Noor Takaful Insurance

Noor Takaful has grabbed the second position of the health insurance company in the UAE. The company started its service in 2009. The company is popular for its maternity insurance policy. The specialty of Noor Takaful is that they follow Islamic guidance with their innovative health services. Their service starts at 750 AED. But if you do not have any car or travel insurance, then you can not enjoy the insurance service.

Insurance plans

  • Individual dependents & parents plan – OP 1
  • Have to pay 150,00.00 AED annually
  • Preauthorization required
  • Individual dependents & parents plan – OP 3
  • Dental cover included
  • For complications, medication has to pay 10% co-pay
  • EBP – Basic
  • This insurance will cover South East Asia and the gulf cooperation council
  • EBP- Dependents Basic

      –   20% copay for out-patient

      –   coverage only applicable for Dubai gulf cooperation council

  • NE Plan 1 Next care
  • The session period for in-patient treatment is eight.
  • No dental coverage

Service and facilities

  • MRI  and CT scan services
  • No preconditions are applicable
  • Smooth pricing plans
  • No hidden charge

Check the website here: Noor Takaful

Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company

This insurance company is situated in Abu Dhabi. This company started their journey in 1972.ADNIC took their license from UAE central bank and ADX. It is an international health insurance company in Dubai.

Insurance plans

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • EBP medical insurance plan
  • Basic

Service and facilities

  • Best diagnostic service
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Direct billing facility
  • 24*7 phone assistance

Check the website here: Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC)

Daman Health Insurance Abu Dhabi

Daman is also called the national health insurance company. It is a famous health insurance company in the UAE. It has over 2000 hospitals and health clinics in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Daman had made their packages according to family and individual needs. Daman started their journey in 2006.

Insurance plans

  • Enhanced Silver SG with Dental AUH
  • 80%  non-emergency cost for outside the network
  • For dental coverage 20% co-pay is applicable
  • Care Bronze DNE without Dental
  • 15 sessions are available for psychotherapy
  • Diabetic screening is available
  • Care Chrome DNE with Dental
  • Private Room consultation
  • 20% copay for x-rays, extractions, fillings, and RTC
  • Care Chrome DNE without Dental
  • Vaccination service for more than 6 years old children
  • Need to spend Up to AED 1,500 to get  chiropractic services
  • Care Platinum DNE without Dental
  • Ambulance facility for in-patient

Service and facilities

  • Family insurance Plans starting from  AED 800 in a year
  • Emergency service
  • Plans for lower-income people
  • 365 days service

Check the website here: Daman Health Insurance Abu Dhabi

Orient Health Insurance Dubai

This medical insurance company started its first steps in 1982. They are known for their maximum number of exclusive health insurance plans. They make their plans in a way that will be appropriate for all types of individuals.

Insurance plans 

  • I-Med – total cost 1,50,000 AED
  • Silk Road – Family Care Plan A – total cost 10,00,000 AED
  • Green – Family Care Plan A -total cost 10,00,000 AED
  • Silver Classic – Family Care Plan A -total cost 10,00,000 AED
  • Silver Premium – Family Care Plan A- total cost 10,00,000 AED
  • Gold – Family Care Plan A

Service and facilities

  • Free Consultation
  • Online service facility
  • Unbiased opinion about the plans
  •  Repatriation Cost Cover facility
  •  Maternity benefits

Check the website here: Orient Health Insurance Dubai

AXA health insurance Dubai

Axa is a leading medical insurance company in Dubai. Not only in Dubai, but also worldwide, they provide their medical services. They have created five customized plans for their clients with an exclusive price range.

Insurance Plans

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Platinum plus

Service and facilities

  • 24/7 support from multilingual customer service.
  • Quick online reimbursement
  • Easy access to treatment
  • Access to the MYAXA app

Check the website here: AXA health insurance Dubai

Top Health Insurance Companies in UAE

NameHead Office
Emirates InsuranceAbu Dhabi
AXA health insuranceDubai
Orient Health Insurance Dubai
Daman Health Insurance Abu Dhabi
National Insurance Abu Dhabi

To conclude, cutting the cost of medical insurance plays an important role. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there are a bunch of medical insurance companies, but to get good services, do visit the companies that we have mentioned. So, to find out about the top health insurance companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, click on the given link.

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