Runner Scooty 110 Price – 8000 Taka Discount Offer

Runner Scooty 110 Price, Up to 8000 Taka Discount Offer in Bangladesh. Runner has launched a discount offer for Skooty 110 Bike. This Scooty 110 Bike official price in Bangladesh is 104,000 Taka. You will get a regular discount of Tk. 3000 if you make a cash payment on the current offer. You can also win a discount of up to Rs 5000 with additional guaranteed Rs 2000 through SMS.

So, You can buy this Runner scooty 110 bike at a cash price of 99,000 Taka. That is a total of up to BDT 8,000 is a chance to win the discount.

Runner Scooty 110 Bike Features

Smart front pockets, under-seat storage, USB charging system will bring great fun to your life Skooty 110 smart features. So, come to the nearest runner showroom today to make the attractive Runner Scooty 110 of trendy designs a walking companion!

Bangladeshi motorcycle manufacturer Runner Automobile Limited is launching Scooty 110 as its latest product priced at just 104,000 Taka.

Compared to Mahindra Gustav, an Indian who currently sells for BDT 1.46 lakh- the mileage of the Scooty 110 is 40-45 km per liter, while Mahindra Gustav’s mileage is 60 km per liter, which is very rare in terms of traffic in the capital.

Along with the new design, the Runner Scooty 110 has attractive and simple features. Its engine is installed under the seat. There is a smooth floorboard near the stepping place.

The headlamp has been mounted in the cockpit and the analog audio-meter is bent along the driver over the headlamp. The dash is well equipped with a control switch.

There are two pockets lined up on the panel below to keep the essentials. This scooter has a lot of space as well as a separate storage carriage under one seat to keep your important papers and belongings safe.

স্কুটি বাইক দাম বাংলাদেশ ২০২২

স্কুটি বাইক দাম ২০২২ কত, কোথায় পাওয়া যায়, বাংলাদেশ এ কোন স্কুটি বাইক ভালো। বাংলাদেশে রানার, ইয়ামাহা, টিভিএস ও হোন্ডা কোম্পানীর স্কুটি বাইক বেশি জনপ্রিয়।

The backside of the Runner Scooty 110 is designed in a way that causes extra attraction to anyone.

The rear panels are curved in a way that any young person would love to see. This is how the developer has designed runner Skooty.

The Runner Skooty has a 10-inch alloy rim with tubeless tires and a disc brake on the front wheel. It was thought to put drum brakes at the back to reduce costs. The brakes are more than enough for a bike of this size.

Runner Skooty 110 Review

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