Rooh Afza Price in BD

Rooh Afza Price in BD. Roohafza 250 ml, 750ml is a popular drink in Bangladesh while Ramadan 2022. Read this whole article If you are searching about rooh afza price in BD.

The first thing that really comes to mind during the holy month of Ramadan is the ‘Rooh Afza Sharbat’ of Hamdard. We are seeing this sharbat at the iftar table during iftar. Hamdard’s ‘Rooh Afza Sharbat’ is a popular name for us as the first drink during the break of the fast in the evening azan. I try to keep this iftar sharbat in my own family as well. A glass of cold sherbet of iftar really brings life to the mind. But I can’t smell the smell of that sherbet that stuck to the nose and mouth of my childhood anymore!

Rooh Afza Price in BD
Hamdard Rooh Afza Pakistan 800ml

I don’t think there could be a simpler syrup in the world like rooh afza. It is only to mix in cold water or to leave some ice in the water. Those who want a light flavor can just mix a little sugar.

It’s very hot now. Ramadan is going on in this heat. Again, we have to fast for 15 hours. As a result, the whole day’s dehydration and fatigue are completely overwhelming us. That’s why it’s important to eat something cold at iftar. We all eat cold snacks at iftar. And there is no alternative to Rooh Afza this autumn.

Rooh Afza Price in BD
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Rooh Afza – 800ml (Pakistan-UAE)

Rooh Afza Price in Bangladesh

The journey of Rooh Afza started in Delhi, India. At present, Hamdard (WAKF) Laboratories produces this drink from Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. During iftar in the month of Ramadan, it is very popular among Muslims as a drink. Although it is sold in the form of syrup, it is eaten during iftar by making a combination of water or milk and ice, etc.

Rooh AfzaPrice
800 ml580 Taka
750 ml 457 Taka

You can find rooh afza in every general store near your home. if you want to buy this from online then daraz, chaldal, Khaasfood is the best option. 300 ml rooh afza price in BD is 220 taka.

Rooh Afza Price in BD
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Rooh Afza (Pakistan) – 800ml

Rooh Afza Review

Hamdard Rooh Afza is the best drink to fulfill the craving for a cold drink. Gorgeous Red Color Rooh Afza invites you to pour in the glasses with a perfect combination of chilled milk or water.

The fragrance of Rooh Afza takes you to the garden of roses. It is the royal drink to welcome your guests. Only you should know how much to add the portion of Rooh Afza perfectly, otherwise, you can ruin the drink as it will become very sweet which won’t be tasting good. So always be careful with the perfect measurement of Rooh Afza.

Rooh Afza Price in BD

You can do a lot of different things with Rooh Afza in your drink. You can also turn your drink into a milkshake by adding strawberry ice cream. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you’ll have and how much you’ll want to lick the glass.

Rooh Afza in milk has a delicious and appealing color. The gorgeous pink tint begs for more, and as you add water, it turns into a lovely red. If you don’t have time to eat dinner, a glass of Rooh Afza milk will keep your stomach cool and full.

The RoohAfza bottle is now in a plastic bottle, which I assume is safer to handle and looks nice. Hamdard Rooh Afza is a traditional royal drink from the golden age, and the best thing is that the taste remains consistent.

Rosewater and kewra, also known as Screw Pine Essence, are the two elements that give Rooh Afza its distinct flavor. This name is a misnomer; I thought for years that kewra was a form of flowering pine tree, but it’s actually the white blossom of the pandanus plant. Pandan, the leaves of this plant, are a common flavor in many Southeast Asian delicacies. In South Asia, the flower is a key element in a variety of special-occasion cuisines, notably those linked with Muslim communities.

Conclusion: My first taste of Rooh Afza, the “Easterly Summer Drink,” will stay with me forever. Let us know what you think about these drinks. If you have any questions regarding rooh afza price in BD then let us know.

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