Perfume for Women Price in Bangladesh

Perfume for Women Price in Bangladesh 2022. Perfume is an important part of our life. It makes us more attractive and helps us to be fresh. This is a common and important member of the list of our cosmetics. Both men and women use perfume. Today’s article is all about perfume for women price in BD. We will try to know the perfume for women price in Bangladesh. That is not the end, we will also discuss some best perfume brands for women. So, without making any delay, let’s start.

Perfume For Women Price in Bangladesh

The price of any product depends on quantity and quality. The price of women perfume in Bangladesh is also the same. It follows the basic rule of product pricing. But some common and famous brands have fixed prices. Here I am going to present some of the most known perfume brand prices in Bangladesh.

  • Armaf: Armaf is a famous brand for men and women all over the world. It has different products for men and women. In Bangladesh, their 100 ml Club De Nuit price is around 2500 BDT. They have some other perfume products like Club De Nuit Intense, Black Onyx, Beau Elegant, Their 100ml price range is from 1900 BDT to 3500 BDT.
  • Calvin Klein: This is another top-rated cosmetic brand all over the world. Bangladeshi people also use this brand’s perfume very much. Its price varies from product to product. 100ml CK perfume price starts from 2500 BDT to 4000 BDT. They also have a variety of products.
  • Elizabeth Arden: This is one of the first choices of women in the case of perfume. Most people love its perfumes for their long-lasting and sweet smell. You will find 100ml of this brand’s perfumes from 1400 BDT to 2500 BDT.

Among some other famous perfume brands are Flavia, Nivea, Engage, and some others. All of them have a price range from 1000 to 4000 BDT per 100ml. Sometimes the price is high and sometimes it is low. It depends on the sellers.

Best Perfume Brands For Women in Bangladesh

We all love to be fresh but women are more advanced than men in this case. They use more perfume than men. But it is challenging to find the best brand from the list of all brands. Some best perfume brands of Bangladesh for women are discussed below for you.

  • Fogg
  • Calvin Klein
  • Carolina Herrera
  • Davidoff
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Beverly Hills
  • Armaf

They are most known and famous also. Male and female, all kinds of product they produce.

5 Best Perfume For Women in Bangladesh

Here I am going to show you the 5 most loved and sold Perfume for Women in BD to make your buying decision fast.


Davidoff is a French brand that is famous for many of its products. Among them, Cool Cater Woman is one. Its EDT-type fragrance attracts us towards it. 100ml Cool Cater perfume for Women price in BD is about 3, 149 BDT. You may buy from Daraz or any other e-commerce and physical cosmetic shops.

DAVIDOFF Cool Water Perfume

Experience the fresh sensation of Davidoff Cool Water Woman
৳ 3,149 Buy Now


The name suggests the reason for its being famous. Obsession is a product of CK. This is made in Spain. Its fragrance is Basil, Peach, Vanilla, Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarin Orange… You will love its sweet smell. The price of 100ml Obsession perfume in Bangladesh is about 3,149 BDT. This is available on different e-commerces like Daraz and in physical stores.

Obsession 100 ml

a classic women's fragrance that combines rich musk with Mandarin orange and peach for a distinctive signature aroma


Now come to the low-budget perfumes. Though CK and other top-rated brands are well known in Bangladesh, most people search for low-price quality products. This is like that product. 100ml of Laz Faith price is 224 BDT. You will find it in any physical store and also on Daraz.


this new-age fragrance in an ode to the sporty woman of today who embodies rich confidence in her abilities


This is another most loved women perfume on Daraz. This is a mid-budget perfume from Fogg. Daraz has almost 35 positive reviews when we research this product. 100ml of this perfume price is around 797 BDT. This is also available everywhere.

Fogg Perfume For Women

FOGG is a product of Vini Cosmetics with a punch tagline of “without gas body spray” and “again finished”

Fogg Body Spray For Women

This is another from Fogg. We can say this as the top-selling women perfume on Daraz. It has almost 100 positive reviews. 100ml Fogg Paradise price is only 314 BDT. This is also available everywhere.

Fogg Body Spray

Fogg Perfumed Body spray Women (Paradise) 120ml


We try to arrange perfume for women price in Bangladesh from all categories. If you are a brand lover then you may try the first two. But if you think you are different from the previous class then you may try the below 3. The choice is on you. But I will suggest the 4th one if you like the fragrance of this. The price we mention here may vary from seller to seller.

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