Nagad 16% Cashback Offer

Nagad 16% Cashback Offer. On the occasion of Victory Day 2021, Nagad has launched a special cashback offer on purchases in more than 126 brands. Users will get up to a 16% cashback on more than 2500 outlets across the country. Under this offer, customers will get up to 100 taka discount or cashback only if they make payments through Nagad.

Recently, a campaign titled ‘Festive Happiness Cash More’ has been launched by Nagad. The campaign which started on December 13 will continue till December 31. Among the sectors where this offer will be offered in purchases through this Nagad campaign are Superstore, Restaurant, Airlines, Fashion Products, e-Commerce, Electronics, Footwear, Furniture, Hotels, Internet and Satellite TV, Accessories, Tours and Travels.

Nagad 16% Offer – Brand List

Among the categories of some notable brands are Sapna, Agora, Daily Shopping, Meena Bazar in Superstore. The electronics category includes Samsung, Walton, Sony Rangs. The restaurant has secret recipes, tasty treats, Tarka; Apex, Bay Emporium in footwear. Fashion products include Cats Eye, Sara, La Reeve. The airline sits novoair, air Bangladesh airlines. Internet Service Provider (ISP) has Link 3, Carnival. Satellite TV has Akash DTH. The e-commerce segment includes Pikaboo, Banglacat. The resort category includes more than 126 brands including President’s Resort and Dream Square Resort.

How to Avail Nagad 16% Cashback Offer

Customers can avail of this discount or instant cashback only if they make payments using Merchant QR and an online payment gateway through ‘Nagad‘ app and USSD. To enjoy this offer, the customer’s ‘Nagad’ account must be active. To know more you can visit nagad website or call 16167 or 096096 16167.

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