Eid Panjabi Collection in Bangladesh

Eid Panjabi Collection 2022, Kabli Panjabi Design, Price. We will describe the Panjabi collection of the best brands in Bangladesh. Aarong, Yellow, Lubnan, Le Reve, and Sailor are popular in BD.

On the morning of Eid, reading new Punjabi is a different pleasure. And that’s why the boys will have Panjabi in Eid shopping. No matter how many clothes the boys buy on Eid, they have to stay at Panjabi.

There are many renowned fashion houses in the country that have a little eye on Panjabi collections. There are also some Punjabi shops online where many people place Punjabi orders. Due to the coronavirus, many people are under house arrest, and so they are shopping online. Let’s take a look at the Panjabi collection and who’s offering what this Eid –

Stylish exclusive semi long panjabi
Stylish exclusive semi-long Panjabi
New Stylish Special Panjabi for Men - Navy Blue
New Stylish Special Panjabi for Men – Navy Blue
City Boy Eid Special Stylish Printed Panjabi For Men-Maroon
City Boy Eid Special Stylish Printed Panjabi For Men-Maroon

Daraz Panjabi Collection

Online marketplace Daraz has launched the Eid campaign on the occasion of the holy Eid-ul-Fitr. They have a huge collection of exclusive new designs of 10 brands of Panjabi the buyers. Yellow, Ecstacy, Lubnan, Gentle Park, O2, Hike, O Code, Lavelux, Apara, Le Reve. You can find the best Panjabi for you today from this best brand collection to buy Eid Panjabi. Take a tour of the Eid Shopping Fest in Daraz.

Aarong Punjabi Collection

The popular brand Aarong of Bangladesh is famous for the Panjabi collection. Punjabis of different designs are added here every year. This year’s Eid collection ranges from BDT 1300 to BDT 13,000. If you want, you can also buy a Punjabi online. Showrooms are also open on the occasion of Eid.

AjkerDeal Punjabi Collection

AjkerDeal.com, another online platform in Bangladesh. They come up with a huge collection of boys Panjabi, Sherwani, Kurta, and offers on the occasion of Eid this year. There is a huge Panjabi collection of different brands at different prices. So you can go around today’s deals to buy Punjabi.

Yellow Punjabi Collection

Another popular brand for Panjabi in Bangladesh. You can purchase Panjabi from Yellow both online and showroom ways. Panjabi from BDT 1100 to BDT 4500 is available here. Children’s kabli Panjabi sets of different designs are available here.

Kabli Punjabi Collection

People do search for their favorite Kabali Panjabi collection on Eid. Kabali Panjabi is available on Daraz. Youngsters can easily buy the boy’s Punjabi from the new Panjabi collection online. The best designs and models of boys Arang Punjabi, Sherwani and Kolrob Jubba Punjabi are now within the reach of the buyers. Now the boys’ sherwani Punjabi will be available anywhere in Bangladesh including Dhaka, and Chittagong.

EID Panjabi Desing Collection 2022

We see a lot of change in the design of Panjabi this time. The place of a colored Panjabi is occupied by colorful Panjabi. This time, light colors have prevailed as Panjabi colors, such as white, blue, pink, purple, red, etc. In this era, boys wear Panjabi of different designs and colors. Fashion Designers have created a Panjabi with beautiful and tasteful designs in 2022.

Bengali youths are a little more inclined toward traditional Panjabi designs around festivals ranging from the first Baishakh, Eid-Qurbani, Punjo, and Falgun festival to the day of love. Fashion houses have come up with new designs of Punjabi for boys for the fashion of the modern era.

This time there are fashionable Panjabi designs for boys, dhoti Panjabi design, Jubba Panjabi design, sherwani, or sherwani Punjabi design. As always in the Punjabis of Arang, the handiwork has gained more prominence this time too. Along with the cotton, Andy cotton and silk Punjabi have come up with fashion-loving boys. In other fashion houses, in addition to the handiwork, embroidered Punjabi, and blocked Punjabi are also available. There are many designs for kids as well. It is also a favorite to buy pajamas along with Panjabi, many prefer to wear jeans pants again.

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