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Build your own PC for the best price in Bangladesh with jotodeal. Choose from a variety of motherboards, processors, CPUs, GPUs, RAM, SSDs, HDDs, and other components. Custom PC Builder BD with the most recent price. We provide you with the possibility to build your own desktop PC. With this PC Builder, you can create your own custom PC.

Welcome to our Custom PC builder BD page. You can find all packages here of building your PC and selecting the offer. That would be incredible, and that is what JotoDeal PC builder provides. Our PC Builder is an offer that allows you to find t a PC within your budget. We are promising to provide you to build best PC within your budget in Bangladesh.

Why I Need to Build My Own PC?

In the modern world, not a single moment can be imagined without a PC. From people’s lives to education, business institutions, office courts, entertainment, almost every field has the use of PC directly and indirectly. As a PC, desktop computers are the most in-demand. You need to build your own PC based on the type of work as it will save you money as well as build full use of the PC.

What should the cost build a PC for online class be?

In this case, you can build a low-budget PC is enough. It is better to select a dual-core or a first-generation core i-3 between BDT 7,000 and 10,000 Taka on the PC builder page. Because the PCs of this budget are within the reach of everyone. Moreover, there should be 4GB RAM, a simple motherboard, graphics built-in, DVD ROM. And it is better to have a slightly larger monitor for the class, such as 19 inches. An ordinary hard disk of 500 GB is enough for students.

I am a graphic designer, What should the cost build a PC ?

Usually, a lot of heavy software is required to do graphics work. You need a pc of 30,000 to do graphic job. This type of PC is also known as a gaming PC. You should select the latest generation processor of core i7 on the PC builder Bangladesh. The motherboard graphics of the 16GB RAM and Intel chip will give good performance for the work. You should use both SSD and hard disk as storage. SSD will load the operating system at a much faster speed and the hard disk for storing files.

What should the cost build a PC for office work?

A minimum of BDT 20,000 PC is enough to build a PC for official work. You can do any office work with any generation of Core I-5. Select 8GB RAM and SSD. It is better to have a DVD drive because you can easily install different types of software on it.

Where to build and buy my own PC?

You can check the prices of PCs and essentials on the PC builder BD before purchasing. You can check the latest prices of the PC from the price comparison website or JotoDeal. IDB bhaban and multiplan center are the biggest PC market in Bangladesh. You can build your own PC there. If you want to build a PC online then we have a solution. Go to startech or ryans computer page and check the price.

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