Walton Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh 2022


WFD-1B6-GDEL-XX Frost - 132 Ltr

৳ 17,999


WFA-2A3-GDEL-XX Frost - 213 Ltr

৳ 25,850


WFB-2E0-GDEL-XX Frost - 250 Ltr

৳ 26,220


WFB-2E0-GDXX-XX Frost - 250 Ltr

৳ 28,600

Walton-WFE-2H2-GDXX-Frost Refrigerator-282Ltr

WFE-2H2-GDXX Frost - 282 Ltr

৳ 29,900

WFD-1F3-GDEL-XX - 176 Ltr

৳ 21,500



৳ 67,900

Walton Refrigerator WFB-2A8-GDXX-XX


৳ 27,700

Walton Refrigerator WFE-3E8-GDXX-XX

WFE-3E8-GDXX-XX - 358 Ltr

৳ 37,250

Walton refrigerator WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD

WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD - 348 Ltr

৳ 39,990

Walton Refrigerator WFC-3D8-0103-GDXX-XX

WFC-3D8-0103-GDXX-XX - 333 Ltr

৳ 37,300

Walton Refrigerator WNH-3H6-GDEL-XX

WNH-3H6-GDEL-XX - 386 Ltr

৳ 44,000

Walton refrigerator Price in Bangladesh, Ways to Buy in Installments and Latest Price List of Fridges 2022. The use of electronics products has become very important in our daily lives. There are different electronics for different needs. Similarly, the essential thing for food storage is fridge or refrigerator. A fridge is required for each family. Walton Fridge is one of the most popular in the Market in Bangladesh. Walton is selling 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18 cft refrigerator in BD market. Among them 18 cft refrigerators are very popular.  Today we will talk about the price of Walton refrigerator and the method of buying in installments.

Many people turn to foreign brands to buy refrigerator in Bangladesh. But it is in Bangladesh that a more quality Refrigerator is being built. Which is delivering state-of-the-art fridges of different models to different parts of the country at a very affordable price. Our country band Walton products have already been recognized almost everywhere in the country as Bangladeshi products. All its products are very affordable and quality at prices. Walton’s product is on the trust and choice list of every person in Bangladesh. If you are interested in buying a fridge, you can find out all the information and price about Walton refrigerator in this Page.

How Much Walton Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh?

Walton is our domestic brand. Considering its overall aspect and quality. Walton Refrigerator is standard and cheaper at prices than other brands of fridges. Get your budget and the fridge of choice at a convenient price. You will also get various facilities of the company. With a guarantee of 12 years, you will get a variety of other facilities at the discount. The charging rate of Walton Freezer and Refrigerator is BDT 17,000. Between BDT 17,000 and BDT 56,000. You can easily get the fridge of your choice of different models.

মডেল ফ্রিজের মূল্য
WFD-1B6-RDXX-XX১৩২ লিটার।১৭,৯৯০ টাকা
WFD-1B6-GDEL-XX১৩২ লিটার।১৭,৯৯৯ টাকা
WFD-1B6-MBXX-XX১৫৭ লিটার।১৯,৩৫০ টাকা 
WFD-1D4-MBXX-XX১৫৭ লিটার। ১৯,৩৪০ টাকা
WFD-1D4-RXXX-XX১৫৭ লিটার। ১৯,৩৪০ টাকা
WFB-2B3-GDEL-XX২২৩ লিটার। ২৬,৩৫০ টাকা
WFA-2D4-GDXX-XX২৪৪ লিটার।২৬,৯৫০ টাকা
WFB-2EO-GDSH-XX২৫০ লিটার।২৮,৭০০ টাকা
WFB-2E4-GDEL-XX২৬৭ লিটার।৩১,৪০০ টাকা
WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter) ৩৫৮ লিটার।৩৯,৯৯০ টাকা
WFE-3E8-GDXX-XX৩৫৮ লিটার।৩৬,৩৫০ টাকা
WFC-3F5-GDXX-XX(Inverter) ৩৮৫ লিটার। ৩৯,৩০০ টাকা 
WFC-3F5-GDNE-XX (Inverter) ৩৮৫ লিটার।৪০,৩৯০ টাকা
WNJ-5H5-RXXX-XX৫০৯ লিটার।৫৬,৫০০ টাকা
WNH-3H6-GDEL-XX৩৮৬ লিটার।৪৫,৯৯৯ টাকা
WNH-4C0-HDXX-XX৪৩০ লিটার।৪৬,৯৯০ টাকা

How to buy Walton Refrigerator in installments?

Just as Walton products are affordable at prices, buyers have the facility to pay in their monthly installments. If you think you’re interested in buying a Refrigerator in Walton, you can buy the fridge according to your budget and pay in different installments.

You can buy Walton fridge in 3 months’ installments, 6-month installments, 12-month installments, and even a maximum of 24 months. In that case, you need to contact the Walton showroom near you and buy a Refrigerator to know more about your budget, the fridge of choice, the installment. Consider keeping in mind how much money to pay in a month.

How to buy Walton Refrigerator at EMI facility?

e-plaza, an online platform of Walton, offers EMI facility. You will get the opportunity to pay through a interest free EMI policy by purchasing only 10,000 Taka worth of goods or having a credit card value. Walton e-Plaza offers a maximum 12-month EMI facility to cardholders of 24 banks at 0% interest. But of course it applies to the buy of goods above BDT 10,000. Home delivery facilities are available in various showrooms in about 64 districts including all divisional cities of the country. Buy Walton Refrigerator at EMI Facility 

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